Employers in the agricultural industry who need workers can bring foreign workers to the U.S. to help. Every year, thousands of people come to the U.S. using an H2a visa that allows them to come to the country for a temporary or seasonal nature for agricultural work purposes.  If you are interested in the h2a guest worker program, there is plenty of important information you should know.

h2a guest worker program

Benefits for Workers

Nonimmigrants who wish to work in the U.S. for seasonal agricultural work may apply for the H2A visa at any time. The application and all requested information must be provided at the time the application is submitted. Not only do workers accepted into a work program who qualify for the visa get the privilege of coming to the U.S. to explore, they also earn enticing benefits in their positions.

Sponsor paid housing is one such benefit that nonimmigrant workers are offered as an incentive to come to the U.S. to work. This means that all housing is paid for the entire duration of the stay in the U.S. so that is one less thing that workers worry over. Housing may be a sponsor’s home, hotel, or other lodging with adequate heating and plumbing. Great pay and benefits are also available, as well as food allowances. The benefits for workers are certainly nice.

Talk to an Attorney

Before you apply for an H2a visa, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney to help with the matter and keep things smooth and simple. Whether you retain an attorney or not is a personal decision, but they can certainly provide clarity on the matter, answer questions, and ensure that nothing stands in the way of obtaining the visa in an appropriate time frame.